take me hand hurry
take me hand hurry
Hi welcome to the profile, you can call me Saya, Seye or Saiya. that's what some of my friends call me. I like video games And I like the color
rainbow and sweets. Originally(Spring-lily) ---Also I like to post my drawings on here sometimes and the stuff I mostly reblog are anime, games, probably some random stuff I find funny or cool and art stuff. Please note that I won't really be reblogging that much sometimes, I'm kind of busy working on my rpg maker game: "Sleep"-Sites I'm on: Instagram: Sayadesu Paigeeworld: Sayadesu

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somebody go break gumball’s glasses



Anonymous asked: please watch boku no pico. it's the best anime i even watch

Ghoul, "Gourmet" Tsukiyama Shuu



I wish i could enjoy life as much as this turtle


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